The First Smash System of Malaysia Coast Guard is in Service

The first 30mm SMASH Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System is inducted to Malaysia Coast Guard inventory following the successful accomplishment of HAT&SAT on 20 April 2017.

This is a remarkable achievement by ASELSAN since this is the very first Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System delivery to South East Asia Region.

In the scope of the agreement, six 30mm SMASH systems will be integrated to 

Malaysian Coast Guard boats. 

In the presence of ASELSAN, Malaysia Cost Guard and Destini Armada Shipyard representatives, 30mm SMASH System’s HAT&SAT tests were successfully executed. 

SMASH is an effective and multipurpose 30mm Remote Controlled Weapon System, which can be integrated on battle ships, coast guard and patrol boats, landing ships and other naval platforms.

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