ASELSAN Compact Mobile ESM/ELINT System

ASELSAN, with its broad experience in Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems and a profound understanding of the specific requirements of system users, makes available the latest technologies to meet the new requirements of Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and Electronic Intelligence ELINT  Systems for all platforms (airborne, navy and land based fixed site or mobilized). 

ARES-2LC/E is the translation of the innovation dynamism of technology into a concrete solution, tailored to the needs of platforms and customers worldwide.

Important Features

-Modular Units Design

-Wide-Band Microwave Digital Receiver Arthitecture

-High Probability of Intercept (POI) 

-Low Probability of False Alarm

-Capability of Frequency, PRF, PW, Antenna Scan Type/Period, Modulation Type Measurements

-Inter-Pulses and Intra-Pulse Analysis

-Direction Finding, (Amplitude and/or Phase Comparison Method)

-CW/FMCW long distance emitter detection 

-Ability to operate while CW emitters are around

-Mission Data File Support 

-Detection of LPI emitters

-Emitter Identification

-Audible and Visual Alarms for Lock-on, CW emitters, Guided Missiles etc.

-Capability for Soft Filtering over Frequency and Azimuth Sectors 

-Blanking interface with the emitters on-board 

-High Reliability and Easy Maintenance 

-Low Acoustic by Liquid Cooling (optional)

-MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E Compatible 

-Single Operator Usage 

-Ship Navigation Data Support

-Interface with Combat Management System

-Off-line and On-line System Built-In Test (BIT)

-Digital Recording of Intercept Files

-Transfer of Intercept File Records via portable media

-S-57 Digital Map Usage

-Emitter Locations on Digital Ma

-APP-6B Symbology Usage 

-Screen snapshot and video records

-Platform Identification 

-Intra-Pulse Modulation Analysis (IMOP)